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North Carolina’s Goodwill Moon rock sees the light of day again

After being lost in a drawer at the NC Dept of Commerce for years, the moon rock given to the State of North Carolina was displayed proudly by a University of North Carolina professor who also headed the NC Space Grant and shared with students. The rock then went to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in preparation for public display once museum expansion is complete in the fall of 2011.

The rock made special appearance this on February 24 leading up to a presentation on the launch of Space Shuttle Discovery.

The museums curator of geology shared some incredibly technical information on the rock, one of the last samples taken from the moon on the last Apollo mission.  This rock was fragmented, each encased in lucite spheres and presented to each of the 50 states plus 135 foriegn countries.  

Sadly, the location of these rocks is unknown in many cases.  Sometimes through insurrection, sometimes through mishandling.  Of the 50 states, the location of the rocks presented to Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, New Jersey, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Carolina,  and Pueto Rico is unknown.

( every other state in the union along with 135 foreign countries)