shuttle inventions that we enjoy here on Earth


  1. modern baby formula and dietary supplements
  2. runflat tires
  3. infrared ear thermometer
  4. artificial heart (based on a shuttle fuel pump)
  5. high strength fishing nets (original created as a safety net for launch pad workers)
  6. self contained jaws-of-life
  7. video stablization software
  8. biodegradable lubricants
  9. thermal protection (uses from home insulation or NASCAR driver fire suits)
  10. infrared cameras for firefighters
  11. osteoporosis treatments
  12. gas leak detection
  13. land mine detection
  14. improved prosthesis materials
  15. human balance evaluation
  16. compact lab equipment for hospitals
  17. tatical robot in a backpack (based on technologies developed for mars rovers)
  18. structural analysis software
  19. bar coding
  20. light activated cancer treatment drugs


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