A new font aims to help dyslexics read more easily

Scientific American is reporting on a font developed by Christian Boer, a Dutch graphic designer, that is designed to prevent dyslexics from mentally manipulating characters on a page.  The effort comes out of a desire by the researcher for a better way to deal with his own dyslexia.  The font, called Dyslexie, became part of Boer’s masters thesis.   His design focuses on distinguishing letters by widening openings rather than making them more asthetically pleasing and balanced.
Dyslexie font (blue) compared with Arial (black) (courtesy Scientific America)
The font and Boer’s research is hoped to be especially benefitial to English readers where 1 of 5 in the U.S. are dyslexic according to the NIH.
or read the Scientific American article in the Dyslexie font here