Apollo 11 landed on the moon on this day in 1969

There are plenty of blogs and news sites that are honoring the moon landing on this date and many are doing it the same way.  I thought I’d share some interesting tidbits about what was left on the moon during that mission.

A disc etched with paragraph long greetings from leaders of 73 world leaders along with a list of leadership within congress and NASA.  Details are listed in this NASA press release.  My favorite is from Dr. Emile-Derlin Zinsou, president of Dahomey,  a country in West Africa that doesn’t even exist any longer (it’s not the Republic of Benin).  We’ll let identifying the moon as a planet slide:

“The genius and daring of a great nation today open to mankind the secrets of a planet, which, for centuries, it has  been able only to probe and to admire from a great distance through the narrow hole of its telescopes.”

The Apollo 11 astronauts were also honored by naming lunar craters near the Apollo 11 landing site after them

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