How will Space Shuttle Endeavour navigate the LA streets?

The first delivery of a retired space shuttle orbiter is coming up when the Smithsonean takes delivery of Discovery.  That’s a relatively simple delivery.  From the shuttle landing facility to Dulles Airport (with a couple of flyovers of the Florida beaches and the DC Metro area in between).  The orbiter’s final home is adjacent to the airport making it easy to delivery the space craft.  The only easier delivery is to the Kennedy Space Center visitor complex a couple miles from the hangars and vehicle assembly building where the orbiters sit today.

How will Los Angeles get the Space Shuttle Endeavour from LAX after it lands aboard the 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft to the California Science Center?  Any signs and traffic signals along the route will have to come down and it will take 13 hours for the 1 mile per hour trip.  The one sign that cant come down?  The Randy’s Doughnuts sign, it’s a historical landmark.

See the WCET report on the plan.